How to synchronize Alvium USB Cameras

Setting up two Cameras: One as Controller and one as Follower.
The Controller sends trigger pulses to the Follower. Just two wires required.

For example: with JST 7 pin connector use Line0 as output at the controller and Line1 as the input at the follower.
Controller → Follower
Line0, pin 2 (brown) → Line1, pin 3 (orange)
GND, pin 6 (black) → GND, pin 6 (black)

Note, colours relate to this cable:

Line Selector = Line0
Line Mode = Output
Line Source = ExposureActive

Line Selector = Line1
Line Mode = Input
Trigger Selector = FrameStart
Trigger Activation = Rising Edge
Trigger Source = Line1
Trigger Mode = On

Give an Acquisition Start to the follower then an Acquisition Start to the controller and immediately the controller will start to capture an image and, at the same time, will send a trigger pulse to the follower which will proceed to capture an image too. The cameras will continue in this way until the controller receives an Acquisition Stop which will mean that both cameras will stop. If the follower receives an Acquisition Stop then only the follower will stop capturing images.