GigE Sample Viewer: "Failed to talk to the camera : Camera was unplugged"

This SampleViewer error message typically occurs when you attempt to view images and your configuration exceeds the capacity of the Ethernet link.

With one camera, the cause can be the result of using default 1500 byte frames. If the error occurs by adding a second camera, this can be the result of exceeding the maximum bandwidth of the connection.

How to reproduce this behavior:

  • Set the Ethernet frame size to 1500 bytes, rather than jumbo frames of 9000 bytes
  • Use a camera with rather high data rate output such as the GX1910
  • Try to stream in freerun at a very high data rate

The network connection cannot handle the frame rate, and you will see this error message.

Solution for a single camera:
Modify the Ethernet connection to support jumbo frames (9K).

Solution for two or multiple cameras:
In this case you are causing the total number of MByte/s to exceed the 1Gbit/s capability of the link. You need to share the bandwidth by throttling the cameras:
Set the parameter StreamBytesPerSecond in each camera so that the total is about 120MB, or place each camera on its own NIC.