Allied Vision GigE cameras: Which UDP ports?

On the camera, UDP ports are fixed and known. On the host, UDP ports are dynamically assigned.

Camera side:

  • UDP port 3956 is the GigE Vision Control Protocol (GVCP) port for camera commands and responses.
  • UDP port 10010 is the GigE Vision Stream Protocol (GVSP) port for camera image stream data.
  • UDP port 10020 is for camera events/callbacks.

Host side:

On the host side, there are dynamic port allocations. Windows/Linux/Mac OS/QNX use dynamic ports. The range of these dynamic ports varies depending on the operating system. For example, Linux may use [32768 - 61000], Win7 [49152 - 65535].

The port number on the host cannot be determined through our API.

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